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hello hello hello :D
we are the super 9s (nice!) :D
109'08, 209'09 of NanHuaHighSchool :D
we are still, forever always on cloud 9 (angels of earth!) :D

the 40 9s (:

1. Jane; 21/4
2. HuiYi; 23/1
3. Claudia; 19/9
4. Dawn; 4/7
5. Grace; 4/5
6. Jing Wen; 26/8
7. ZhiQi; 21/8
8. HuiHui; 21/4
9. HuiRu; 23/8
10. Charmaine; 7/2
11. YuJia; 4/9
12. YingShuang; 12/3
13. KhaiPey; 25/1
14. Natalie; 22/12
15. SiXian; 18/4
16. ChiSze; 12/7
17. May; 24/5
18. YiHui; 25/9
19. WenYan; 17/7
20. WeiTing; 5/1
21. Sherye; 18/1
22. QiaoLin; 2/6
23. HuiLing; 3/1

24. Alastair; 25/3
25. LerYang; 22/5
26. Benedict; 1/7
27. Janson; 14/7
28. ChunWeng; 30/3
29. Darien; 31/5
30. ZeLi; 17/9
31. YiXin; 1/1/96
32. YaoZhong; 9/9
33. Melvin; 2/10
34. YanTing; 17/10
35. Daren; 19/3
36. Timothy; 2/5
37. Wenzhe; 9/1
38. Wayne; 21/4
39. RenJie; 2/6
40. Taison; 18/9

Mr J.Quek - Form & Math & P.E
Mr P.Tan - Co-form & English
Mdm Foo .TH - Chinese
Mdm A. Surin - Biology
Ms Wang .SY - Chemistry
Miss Wong .YS - Geography
Miss Kali - English Literature
Miss Yeo .SC - Music
Miss Zheng Mian - ACC
Mr Tan .HY & Mr Cheng .KH - A & D

(to be updated.)

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hey JingWen here. Anybody wants the last class gathering for 2009? I have a suggestion. We can go West Coast Park or something? Maybe we have lunch together as a class. For food, what about potluck? Then we need not worry so much about the cost. Anyone wants to go for it? Please tag on the class tagboard so that the date can be decided sooner. Let's try to go for a date where by most people can make it, ya.
Thanks (:

Posted by the 9s at 8:19 PM (:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Alright people.There will be a class outing on the 30th of nov.The schedule should be Movies,lunch/dinner then laserquest.Timing to meet will be 20 mins b4 the allotted time shown below.I want you people to vote for your desired time and sms me by 20th nov.Those who did not sms,I will take it that you will not come.That is it for the girls.Boys,you will be addressed as men for the next few minutes.
1)You must reach the alloted time sharp.Failure to do so will result in being thrown off the top floor of either shopping mall.
2)You must obey my every command unless I tell you to relax.This only refers to CCW,Timothy and Yanting.Failure to do so will result in stripping of your status in the Hierachy,effectively turning you into a slave.Remember,I have your secrets.
3)The three men whose names are mentioned plus wenzhe must wear black or dark shirt and pants.Failure to do so will result in consequences only a sadist can think up off.

West Mall:1.35
Lot 1:12.00

By yours truly from Jurong Regional Library,
Ang Ler Yang

Posted by the 9s at 4:32 PM (:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I know our class chalet just ended. But hey, anyone would like to have another class chalet during December? :D Lol, I'm serious. Anyway, any suggestions on where to go for our class outing? Tag please.

Posted by the 9s at 11:58 PM (:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey, i suggest a few more activites:

1. Dance fanatic - we can dance nobody, tell me, etc.
2. Blind mice

That's about it.
Posted by Jingwen. YAYE!

Posted by the 9s at 8:43 PM (:

Just a reminder here. For those meeting at Pasir Ris Mrt Station tomorow, please make it a point to be there latest by 2.05pm. Thanks.

Posted by the 9s at 5:10 PM (:

here are some of the games that can be played in chalet. date and time is not set yet.
Possible games suggested are:
-cling cling
-water bomb
-multi level captain's ball

Cling cling is a game like; erm... for example, person A cling onto person B by holding hands or interlocking their arms la. person C is the runner. and person D is the catcher. so person D tries to catch person C. if person don't want to keep running le then C can cling onto A or B. the other person will become the runner if he/she is not clinged by person C. get it? any questions about cling cling can ask jing wen.

so these are just some games suggested la :)


Posted by the 9s at 4:21 PM (:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Okay guys, i've made a reservation for our class steamboat.

About the steamboat ->
Downtown East Steamboat.
Location: #01-03A ( in E!hub, i suppose =/ ).
Operating Hours: Tue - Sun 11.30am - 10.30pm. Closed on Mon.
Contact No: 6584 4807.

Details ->
Date: 8 nov, Sunday.
Time: 7.30pm - 10.30pm ( latest ).
People going: The whole class - Yingshuang - Melvin - Huiling - Yihui - Wenyan + Mr Quek + Mr Tan = 36 people.
Cost: Each person pay $7.50.

P/s: I think it's a Chinese restaurant :O

Posted by the 9s at 2:11 PM (:

Erh, okay.
This post is on the places you guys might want to go to.

-this one, idk how much you all want to bring. depends on how crazy you are anyway :D
-need rent bowling shoes and pay for the game. can play til 4am?
4.escape theme park

from what huiru told me,
mrquek told her not to make kbox compulsory as many of you might not want to go and it's quite ex. (?)
yeah but sure, if you want you can go with your friends, cliques, anything.
it closes at 2am.

okay the above is just a guide:/
not sure correct not.
I think we'll decide whr to go as a class like. on the day itself?

Posted by the 9s at 1:29 PM (:

Hey Jing Wen here. This is the plan. One pair $15. This is to make it easier for huiru and benedict to collect the money. Do take note of your new number. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

'A's 'B's
1 Jane 2 Hui Yi
3 Claudia 4 Dawn
5 Grace 6 Jing Wen
7 Philis 8 Hui Hui
9 Hui Ru 10 Charmaine
11 Yu Jia 12 Khai Pey
13 Natalie 14 Si Xian
15 May 16 Wei Ting
17 Sherye 18 Qiao Lin
19 Alastair 20 Ler Yang
21 Benedict 22 Janson
23 Chun Weng 24 Darien
25 Ze Li 26 Yi Xin
27 Yao Zhong 28 Yan Ting
29 Daren 30 Timothy
31 Wenzhe 32 Wayne
33 Ren Jie 34 Taison

We decided to divide the 315 bucks we have, equally for 36 ppl = 34 of us + Mr quek and Mr Tan. Therefore, the price for the steamboat(initially is $16) will be reduced to $7.50 for each of us. Which means we only need to pay $7.50 each. As collecting 50cents is a hassle, we would like to seek your cooperation and give us $15 for each pair.
As you can see, in each pair there will be an A and B, the odd no. and even no. respectively.

To make it easier for you, the As can pay $15 to us while the Bs pay back $7.50 to the As, or vice versa.

We do not want to collect 50cent coins. Thank you. A five and ten dollar note for each pair is greatly welcomed.
So, please discuss with your partner. It is also possible for two pairs to give us 30 dollars which is 3 ten dollar notes. We seek your cooperation. Thank you.


Posted by JingWen.

Posted by the 9s at 1:24 PM (:


please tag your mode of transportation.
eg your parents fetch, you bus thr yourself, or you meeting w the "class" (info below). Should you have last min changes on the day itself, contact the people stated below. (eg, your parents last min decide to bring you thr?)

For those meeting at the mrt station,
we'll be meeting at the card gantry, whr you tap your card to come out.
Time: 1.50pm. we're gna wait for you til 2.05pm.
we'll have to look for the place whr the shuttle bus stops.
(of course, you can choose to go thr yourself. or your parents fetch. or anything.)

Any problems or stuff on the day itself, please contact Huiru, Jingwen or Sixian :

And. If you decide, or if we in the end, decide to take public bus,
it's bus service 354 :)


Posted by the 9s at 11:42 AM (: